FP series Datasheet

FP series

The FP series active speakers represent a step further in sound reinforcement systems with high flexibility and portability. With their high efficiency built-in Class D power modules and multiple installation accessories, this is an extremely versatile system for any type of installation or smaller entertainment application. The FP series includes two full-range speaker models (F2108P and F2208P) to meet your SPL requirements and one subwoofer model (F1115P) to expand the system’s low frequency response and provide a full spectrum experience.


  • Active 2-way full range speakers and active subwoofer.
  • European high efficiency Class D power modules.
  • High-efficiency smart-enclosure for F2108P and F2208P.
  • F1115P subwoofer enclosure made of Medium Density Fiberboard with hydrophobic coating.
  • 90° horizontal x 90° vertical coverage horn on the F2108P.
  • 90° horizontal x 40° vertical coverage horn on the F2208P (assuming a vertical speaker installation).
  • Sub reinforcement with the F1115P.
  • Built-in crossover on the F1115P subwoofer with signal link for one F1208P or F2208P speaker.
  • Mains power link on the F1115P subwoofer for one F1208P or F2208P.
  • Subwoofer section gain knob on the F1115P back panel.
  • Wide range of optional installation accessories for increased application flexibility.
  • Black or White finishes available.


Model F2108P F2208P F1115P
Driver Specifications
Speaker type 2-way full range speaker 2-way full range speaker Sub-woofer
Speaker components HF: 1 x 1.34” voice coil HF: 1 x 1.34” voice coil LF: 1 x 15”, 3” voice coil
LF: 1 x 8”, 2” voice coil LF: 2 x 8”, 2” voice coil
Acoustical Specifications
Frequency response* 70 Hz – 18 kHz 70 Hz – 18 kHz 35 Hz – 95 Hz
Max. SPL (at 1 m) 113 dB 119 dB 123 dB
Dispersion angel H: 90º / V: 90º H: 90º / V: 40º
Amps Specifications
Output power (Class D) HF: 30W HF: 50W LF: 1000W
LF: 200W LF: 200W x2
Input sensitivity 0.775v 0.775v 0.775v
Input impedance (bal / unbal) 40kΩ / 20kΩ 40kΩ / 20kΩ 40kΩ / 20kΩ
Switch None None None
Connections XLR / PowerCon XLR / PowerCon XLR / PowerCon
Protection Overheat overload limit Overheat overload limit Overheat overload limit
AC input power (+/-10%) AC 100~240v / 50~60Hz AC 100~240v / 50~60Hz AC 115v / 60Hz
AC 230v / 50Hz
Other specifications
Enclosure construction material HiPS HiPS 18mm MDF
Colors available Black & White Black & White Black & White
Grille Perforated aluminum alloy Perforated aluminum alloy Perforated steel
Dimension / Weight
Product Dimensions (mm) 465 x 250 x 340 665 x 250 x 340 410 x 630 x 642
Packing Dimensions (mm) 370 x 420 x 580 760 x 420 x 370 525 x 730 x 745
Net weight 10.2kg 14.2kg 36kg
Gross weight 12.2kg 16.7kg 40kg
Choice accessories F series accessory F series accessory