PowerRack 824 Datasheet

PowerRack 824

The PowerRack 824 from SAE Audio is a power sequencing and signal distribution unit specifically designed to match the VP series active compact line array system. With the PowerRack 824 installing a VP series line array becomes an extremely fast and easy job, and its built-in power sequencer allows to safely turn on and off all the system pressing only one single switch. With its properly labeled signal input/output and power connectors you’ll rapidly know where to plug each speaker group and will further avoid most of the human errors that could damage the line array system.
The PowerRack 824 can support any of the VP series line array recommended configurations, and it also match perfectly with the SAE Audio LP26 loudspeaker processor, providing a fully integrated line array system ready to provide the best sound performance at any given moment.


  • Integrated power sequencing and signal distribution designed to match one VP series active compact line array tower (supporting up to 8xV2208P + 2xV1212P + 4xV1218P).
  • 1 second sequencing time lapse.
  • Real-time voltage and amperage display.
  • 3 auxiliary sequenced multi-plug power sockets on the back panel for processor and other pre-amp devices.
  • 1 auxiliary non-sequenced multi-plug power socket on the front panel.
  • Front panel to back panel USB link to conveniently plug the LP26 processor.
  • Remote sequence activation through a contact-closer switch plugged on a 2-pin phoenix socket on the back panel.


Model PowerRack 824
Power Specifications
Maximum power handling 80A
Power dissipation ≤30W (without load)
Mains switch and over-current protection Single phase 80A circuit breaker
Mains power wiring ≤40m㎡
LCD Display Voltage (V) / Current (A)
LCD Voltage measure error ±1% (without load)
Sequenced power output channels 8 channels (7 channels with NAC3MPB sockets on the front panel,
1 channel with 3 multi-connector sockets on the back panel)
Non-Sequenced power output channels 1 multi-connector socket on the front panel
Maximum current output per channel ≤20A with audio equipment load, ≤10A with purely resistive load
Sequencer control On/Off switch on the front panel, remote activation through contact-closer switch
Sequence time lapse 1 step/s
Independent sequencer switch functionality Yes
Operating voltage 100V~240V ±10%
Frequency of operation 50Hz/60Hz ±5%
Audio specifications
Audio signal input Front and rear panel XLR sockets
Audio signal output Front and rear panel XLR sockets
Data transmission Front to rear panel USB link
Product dimensions (mm) 483 x 423 x 133
Packing dimensions (mm) 600 x 565 x 170
Weight 18.5kg

SAE reserves the right to make any changes to the product specifications without prior otice. Final specifications to be found in the user manual.