PCM23 is a new high-efficiency and high-power switching power amplifier. Compared with the previous products, it has a breakthrough improvement in sound quality, which will bring you a new listening enjoyment. Using the second-generation Class I™ circuit topology, it maintains the style of pure analog amplifiers, and at the same time has high efficiency similar to class D; using the third-generation regulated switching power supply, it can remain stable even when the input voltage fluctuates greatly. Strong power output.


  • Using AI plug-in technology, each component has enough margin; in harsh environments, it can withstand the impact of accumulated dust on the circuit;
  • The power tube is directly installed on the radiator (without dielectric insulation such as mica sheets), which reduces the thermal resistance of the power tube and can effectively reduce the instantaneous temperature rise of the power tube;
  • High-quality adjustable potentiometers are used to reduce the connection wires and interfaces between modules as much as possible.


  • Efficient Class I™ amplifier module.
  • Separate channels on the front panel have temperature, protection and peak clipping warning lights.
  • Front panel independent channel power indicator and -5dB / -10dB / -20dB signal indicator.
  • The rear panel has input sensitivity selection.
  • The rear panel has connection mode selection (stereo/bridge/parallel).
  • There is a pressure limit switch on the rear panel.


Model PCM23
Output power
8Ω Stereo 2300Wx2 *
4Ω Stereo 3900Wx2 **
2Ω Stereo 6000Wx2 **
8Ω Bridge 6200W **
4Ω Bridge 10000W **
Other specifications
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz(+0/-1.5dB)
THD+N ≤ 0.05%
S/N Rate ≥ 90dB
Conversion rate ≥10V/μs
Input Sensitivity 0.775V/1V/1.4V/38dB/32dB/26dB
Input Impedance (bal/unbal) 20kΩ / 10kΩ
Voltage Gain 44.8dB
Cooling Air flow from front to rear
Output circuitry Class I™
Dimension / Weight
Product Dimensions (mm) W483 x H448 x D89
Packing Dimensions (mm) W595 x H565 x D170
Weight 15.70kg

1、*Power tested under the condition of 40ms burst, 1KHz sine wave and 1% THD.
2、**Power tested under the condition of 20ms burst, 1KHz sine wave and 1% THD.
3、SAE reserves the right to make any changes to the product specifications without prior notice. Final specifications to be found in the user manual.