FM series


  • The FM series speakers are point source two ways full range speakers.The FM28S speaker is a matching subwoofer for the FM series full range speakers.
  • The FM series combines classic and modern exterior designs, making people feel familiar and surprised by the freshness it brings. The FM series adopts a style of trimmed geometric borders, paired with an acoustic fabric grill of the same color scheme. We have found the best balance between modernity and elegance.The FM28S and FM series speakers share the same design style DNA, and when used together with the FM series, they are so harmonious and in sync.
  • The FM series speakers allow users to no longer have no choice but to choose from a pile of cold and proud professional speakers with black boxes and black steel mesh. The FM series not only provides users with high-quality sound, but also brings them artistic shapes. In the pleasing internal and external performance, it also brings some warmth.
  • FM series speakers use high-quality customized speaker drivers, combined with the ingenious passive crossover design, so that the product has reached a high level in the three core elements of hearing, frequency response and phase response.
  • The FM28S also adopts high-quality customized subwoofer driver, with a dual 18″ configuration that allows the overall maximum output sound pressure level of the speaker to reach 139 dB.
  • When designing the FM28S, a special structure has been utilized to minimize resonance. The inner cavity uses the least number of internal supports to reduce the reflection of sound waves and the cutting sound of airflow and wooden boards. The vent of FM28S adopts a non equal diameter design, which reduces the airflow noise caused by airflow cutting while allowing the airflow to be compressed and accelerated. The various designs mentioned above ultimately gave birth to The FM28S has a simple structure, clean sound, fast response, and strong air flow.
  • The surface of the FM series speakers is made of advanced moisture-proof and wear-resistant polyurea spraying materials, and the color and surface texture are very similar to most wall coatings or decoration materials, making the speaker integrated with the environment, and the entire speaker seems to be hidden in a building. We call this environmentally friendly design.


Acoustics FM10 FM12 FM15 FM28S
Power capacity(Program) 500W 700W 800W 4800W
Nominal impedance
Frequency response(-10dB) 53~18kHz 48~18kHz 46~18kHz 36~250Hz
Sensitivity(1w/1m) 97dB 98dB 99dB 103dB
SPLmax(Peak)* >130dB* >132dB* >134dB* >139dB*
Coverage (rotatable)(-5dB) 90°x60° 90°x60° 90°x60°
Ferrite midbass Transducers 1x 10″
1x 12″
(V.C:3″ )
1x 15″
(V.C:3″ )
2x 18″
(V.C:4″ )
Ferrite compression drivers T.D: 1″
T.D: 1″
T.D: 1″

Connectors 2x NEUTRIK® Speakon NL4(1± INPUT / 2± THRU) 1xNEUTRIK® NL4 SPEAKON INPUT:±1
Cabinet 15/18mm plywood made by CNC,polyurea coating
Hanging/rigging 2 handles / 18xM8 flying points 4 handles
Size/Weight(The above packing dimensions, net weight, and gross weight are for reference only. The accurate values are subject to the identification on the batch of products.)
Product dimension(mm) 314x510x337 364x590x390 450x710x442 1065x561x780
Packing dimension(mm) 400x385x590 490x465x690 550x545x810 1100x620x820
N.W / G.W(kg)(±%5) 15.5kg/17.3kg 20kg/22.7kg 29.5kg/33.4kg 84.8kg / 90.4k

1、* 1 m, free field, SPL max peak test signal: pink noise with crest factor 4 .
2、SAE reserves the right to make any changes to the product specifications without prior notice. Final specifications to be found in the user manual.