2018 Prolight+Sound Guangzhou


The 16th Prolight + Sound Guangzhou, China’s largest and most comprehensive sourcing show for pro audio and lighting products came at the appointed time on May 10th, 2018, up to 1300 domestic and international industry giants and famous brands gathered here.SAE AUDIO CO.,LTD has five different well-known brands: SAE, Soundard, Famousound, AES, Lexpro. Each of them owns its unique characteristics, but also complements each other perfectly. This year, they went hand in hand and attended the show together, had come up with a series of integrated solutions for various industry applications.
SAE booth highlighted the perfect combination of technology and art, created a simply, vivid and pleasant atmosphere for business talk.

SAE、Soundard、Famousound、AES、Lexpro joint booth

SAE products are popular with many audiences

All items on display are most creative and up-to-date products in our 5 well-known brands:

  1. CT series——The perfect combination of analog power and digital power amplifier
  2. Suitcase series——Free combinations,unlimited changes
  3. DUO series——The perfect combination of class D power amplifier and DSP
  4. TX series——High quality and cost-effective, Universal voltage
  5. TXQ series——Most powerful 4-CH amplifier
  6. PCM series——Extreme ultra-low group delay
  7. PQM series——Ace of your touring racks
  8. PXM series——Work stably on 2ohm load, Universal voltage
  9. LP428——New generation High-performance DSP

Made a pleasurable conversation with customers from Spanish which has cooperated with us for many years

Vietnam distributor are inquiring TXQ series Amplifiers

Many customers are attracted by AES new generation sequencers

Indian distributors and Korean distributors make great contributions to the local market development

From May 10th – 13th, the four-day exhibition has been successfully ended. Dear friends, if you miss the chance of experiencing our products, please pay attention to the latest activities on our official website:www.saeaudio.com. Believe in that SAE industry-leading products will certainly bring you a great business value. Let’s meet next time.