2008i Datasheet

2008i Sequence Power With Filters

The 2008i Sequence Power With Filters offers the easiest method to control power up and power down sequencing of multiple independent voltage rails. By staggering the start up sequence, it is possible to avoid latch conditions or large in-rush currents that can affect the reliability of the system. The 2008i Sequence Power With Filters helps you to sequence the turn on and turn off of all your electronic devices. This is really convenient when dealing with audio devices such as power amplifiers, where the sequence power is very important. Take control of your power with our 2008i Sequence Power With Filters.


  • The biggest feature is add a 2-stage EMI/EMC noise filter on the basis of the control in 1018, that can block many interferences enter the equipment from the power supply such as strong ratio、electric spark and others, will make a positive effect in sound quality and stability.
  • We adopt D80A Power-type air switch and connect the cable to air switch from the rear panel meet the standards of the Ministry of Construction.


Model 2008i Sequence filter power
Power Input Single-phrase 3 lines
Connector CDB2-125/D80
Output channel Channel quantity 8
Other specification
Total max output 80A(AC220V)
Max output current per channel 30A/60s or 10Arm s
Interval per step 1sec
Max voltage/current for USB LED 5V/50mA

SAE reserves the right to make any changes to the product specifications without prior otice. Final specifications to be found in the user manual.