19th PALM EXPO 2010 [17/05/2010]

SAE has attended this exhibition for ten years. In 2010, with the subject of Organized & Innovative, SAE shall take opportunity of current excellent marketing environment to go ahead.

The booth decoration adopts the design element of three colors, orange-red color representing energy and innovation, dark grey color representing reliability and profession, and white color representing harmony and perfect, forming a ship appearance with the meaning of the aircraft carrier of the industry, all of which means that SAE will lead the development of professional power amplifier manufacturing.

In this exhibition, for the first time, SAE will release four series new products with our self-developed patented Class J TM and Class ITM amplifier technology, including FAMOUSOUND 9000 series and 7000 series, LEXONPRO 15 series, and PCM series with network management function. The releasing of these new products represents that the professional power amplifier technology gets into another new era.